Current Activities

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) Technologists Committee (TC) is currently working on several projects to help excel the NMT practice all over Europe.

Every year, during the annual congress of the EANM, the TC provides a full scientific programme dedicated to technologists consisting of Continuous Technologist Education (CTE) sessions, mini-courses, and oral and e-poster presentations. Technologists from all Europe and overseas attend this meeting, due to the importance of this meeting in the global community.

The technologist’s education represents a major focus of our committee work. Programmes of excellence are being created within ESMIT to provide the European technologists with the level of education that is needed for each country. A vast number of webinars are already available and numerous courses have been delivered within the EANM Schools. The Committee is working constantly to develop new educational programmes that are aligned with the needs of the community and to support educational initiatives aimed at NMTs organised locally by NMT community. For many years, the EANM-TC has been supporting and providing education of NMT from Central Eastern European (CEE) countries.

Since a long time, the EANM-TC has promoted the discussion of competencies among NMT all over the world and has produced documents that reflect these discussions and the harmonization of competencies. The EQF6 has been published in 2016 and is still being applied all over Europe. As the profession changes, the NM technologist’s competencies are evolving and the Committee is actively addressing these challenges by continuously promoting discussion and production of new publications.

At an international level, the Committee is engaged with national NM societies in  projects that are of interest for the global NMT community or that require a global approach.

Technologists‘ Awards

Each year the EANM Technologists Committee composes a series of Poster and Oral Presentation sessions. This is a unique opportunity for the members of the global Nuclear Medicine Technologists community to exhibit their research projects, review works and educational initiatives. With all the recent technological development that Nuclear Medicine incurs, there are many opportunities to disseminate innovative ideas and original projects, which involve Nuclear Medicine Technologists. With this as the main motivator, our group in the EANM confers an award for the best oral presentation and poster presentation during the above-mentioned sessions.

This initiative started in 1990 during the EANM Congress in Amsterdam. Back then, the EANM-TC proposed this award to encourage Nuclear Medicine Technologists to present their abstracts. Over the last 30 years, partially due to this incentive, we have observed an ever-increasing number of abstracts submitted to participate in both sessions.

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